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Luxury Alpaca Fiber Grown for Handspinners by a Handspinner

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Sustainability in Alpaca Fleece Quality

One of our goals at D'Lux Meadow Alpacas is to raise alpacas that can produce high quality luxury fiber well into their mature years, instead of just as juveniles and yearlings.

For example, Beau's Kamira won the 2022 Suri Network Spin Off Judge's Choice Award with a fleece grown when she was 8 years old (and pregnant). The fiber Beth used in her 2022 Suri Network Hand Spun Skein Judges Choice winner used fiber sheared from our Mojolica when she was 11years, 9 months old.

Our goal is simple but ambitious; to produce the very best Suri alpaca fiber for hand spinners. Beth is an avid hand spinner and we believe spinning should be a pleasure and produce soft, lustrous yarn, so the two most important fleece traits we select for are soft, luxurious handle and high luster. We also breed for fineness and uniformity with a focus on producing animals that can maintain their fineness and uniformity as they age. We assess the quality of our alpacas’ fiber using both quantitative data (including EPDS, histograms, skin biopsies, and SHIP data) as well as feedback from fleece shows and spin off competitions where expert hand spinners prepare and spin fleece samples and score the qualities of the fleece and the resulting yarn.

Based on early results it appears we are on the right track: in 2021 alpacas from our farm earned the highest score at both the AOA National Fleece Show Spin Off and the Suri Network Fleece Show Spin Off. In 2022, our alpacas won three of the five top awards at the Suri Network Fleece Show Spin Off, including Judges Choice. In addition to these awards, Beth’s handspun skein which won Judges Choice at the 2022 Suri Network Fleece Show was 50% of our own Mojolica’s fiber and 50% yak.

Our Etsy store sells fiber (both unprocessed and in rovings); yarn (for those of us who don’t want to spin the fiber before we knit, crochet, or weave with it); and handwoven items (for those of us who just want cool natural fiber stuff). Browse through our individual alpacas’ pages, read their stories and see their fiber, then click on the links to their fiber products in our Etsy store!